Trimble Technology and More – latest edition

Technology and More

Be inspired by businesses around the world using Trimble technology to do incredible things in the latest edition of Trimble Technology and More.

Chris Gibson, Vice President of Trimble’s Geospatial Division, opens with some of what you can expect in this edition:

“In this issue of Technology&more, we present stories that illustrate the broad impact that geospatial technologies have on the professional and social world. The stories show how ingenuity and flexibility combine with multiple technologies to produce new, sometimes unexpected, approaches to meeting the needs of our clients and projects. We’ll travel the highest mountain in the Southern Alps to see how a team of university researchers respected indigenous traditions while gathering essential geospatial information. In a visit to Spain, we meet an archaeologist who takes advantage of measurement, communications and information management technologies to provide powerful new tools for researchers in archaeology and paleontology.”


“We’ll also learn about an innovative use for geospatial informaiton in renewable energy, where a solar energy provider uses image analysis from Trimble eCognition software. The result is a simple online tool that provides homeowners with detailed information and cost savings estimates for installing solar panels on their homes. It’s an application that illustrates how the power and flexibility of imaging can penetrate deep into our societies and economies.”

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