Hardly ‘messing about in boats’

Russell Box, one of our sales consultants in Sydney has been down by the river, but he’s hardly been ‘messing about in boats’. He’s been out with the HyDrone while it’s been on loan.

The HyDrone is a remote control boat that carries a receiver to conduct Bathymetric Surveys to determine water depth and real time spatial data collection in order to generate subsurface formations and surfaces for topographic model generation and analysis.

Here are some photos from his trips.

hydrone-1-195px hydrone-2-195px hydrone-3-195px
hydrone-4-195px hydrone-5-195px Click on the images to enlarge.

One hire was to identify the shape of the river bed to aid in the design of a pipeline that is to lie on it. Another was used in a series of dams on a mine site to determine how much silt had formed. The scans with the HyDrone were compared with the original surface model from when the dams were build.

In both cases the HyDrone used a GNSS receiver to establish the real time positions and a Sonar Mite for the echo soundings.

If you’re interested in surveying a water mass, while keeping your feet dry contact your local UPG office.

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