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The INTERGEO geospatial conference in Hamburg last week has seen our partner businesses add some exciting new solutions to their offerings.



Trimble® SX10
Full total station technology plus a high-precision scanner in one revolutionary machine.

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FARO FocusS 150 and FocusS 350
FARO has upgraded their popular terrestrial laser scanner, now featuring a larger screen, IP rating, longer range plus camera improvements.

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Trimble® TX6 Laser Scanner
High-speed 3D laser scanning with value-for-money to deliver essential performance and scan quality.

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Trimble® TX8 Laser Scanner
Ultra-high speed 3D laser scanner with no compromise on range and accuracy to deliver unsurpassed performance and versatility.

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senseFly eBee Plus
An upgrade to the popular eBee, the eBee Plus includes a large coverage photogrammetric mapping system featuring RTK/PPK upgradeability for survey-grade accuracy on demand.

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 mxsoftware-fi Trimble® MX Software
The economical MX7 solution now allows you to webserve data through your organisation. It’s like street view data, but allows you to view the 360 degree images, and measure points and lines from the images.

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Trimble® AllTrak™ Cloud
Trimble AllTrak™ Cloud is an equipment management application that helps you monitor your assets, see who is responsible for them, and check if the equipment is available to be assigned to another job.

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Using data capture to clean up

TerraFlex+ScreenA big event is a boost for any city. Last year’s NRL grand final was estimated to bring in $50 million dollars to the NSW economy. The 2011 F1 Grand Prix in Melbourne was estimated to bring in around $32 million and the 2015 American Super Bowl brought in over $700 million for Phoenix. With the potential of that much money, it’s no wonder that the hosts of big events want their city to look its best.

That’s why the city of San Jose, hosts of this year’s Super Bowl held recently, got serious about cleaning up. With three months until the Super Bowl the city, with the help of San Jose State University and Trimble TerraFlex – a cloud based data capture software, identified over 800 illegal dumping sites in three days.

Read how they did it in the government technology blog.