Why it’s important to keep up to date

It might seem like a big, time consuming pain, but keeping your software and firmware up to date is actually quite important. Using the latest versions can save you time and keep you at the top of the game.

Avoid known issues

As more users start using a new piece of software or firmware in different situations bugs and glitches can appear. The software or firmware is the continually improved with version upgrades. If you do not upgrade your version you leave yourself open to know bugs or glitches, costing you time.

Missing out on advancements

Software and firmware is continually being improved by the developer and shared through version upgrades. If you don’t have the latest software or firmware you will be missing out on the latest features and advances. This could mean you can’t provide the same services as someone on the latest version.


Trimble provide plans that make it easy for you to keep your software and firmware up to date. Trimble Protected plans that can cover your hardware as well.

You can find links to the latest Trimble software and firmware on our website, and we regularly post articles detailing the latest upgrades.

If you would like further information on any of these version upgrades, please contact your local UPG office.

Start the year fresh – version upgrades

As we start a new year, it’s a great idea to check that your firmware and software are on the latest versions.

Out of date firmware and software leaves you open to known bugs, or glitches with events like the leap second.

Up to date firmware and software also means you have the latest features and advances available.


Here are the latest updates from Trimble.


Trimble Business Center version 3.81

This new version includes updates for Feature Definition Manager, Traverse Adjustment, the new Create COGO workflows, NGS Download Protocol, and UTC Leap Second support.

See the support note or download the new version.


Trimble Survey GNSS Firmware version 5.20

This upgrade includes fixes, enhancements and new features to the Survey Receiver Firmware.

More information and instructions on how to download receiver firmware files to your machine are in the Trimble release notes.


Trimble RealWorks version

Patch updates include Autodesk RCP Export, LandXML Export, Spatial Sampling, Auto-Classify and improved handling and display of storage tank courses. The Trimble RealWorks Viewer has also been updated to use Trimble Scan Explorer when TZF files are included in the project.

See the release notes, or download the patch by going to the Trimble RealWorks website and in the menu on the left selecting Product Resources, Support and Downloads and then Downloads in the pop-up box.


Geo 5T Handheld Firmware version

If you didn’t update your firmware before the leap second and are having problems, this upgrade may help.

See the release notes.

Or find the latest version on our website. It’s easy to stay up to date when you are Trimble Protected.

If you would like further information on any of these version upgrades, please contact your local UPG office.


Important Firmware Update for Laser Scanners

Trimble TX5 and FARO Focus 3D X130 Critical Firmware Update

x130andTX5A firmware update, revision, for the Trimble TX5 and FARO X130 laser scanners has been released by FARO Technologies, manufacturer of both machines. This update improves the reliability, accuracy, stability and data quality of scanners. The firmware update also addresses the following issues that might occur in rare instances.

  • Both models: The laser scanner may demonstrate variations in pan-axis movement speed, which could result in the scan being stopped before the whole horizontal scan range is traversed. This situation may lead to visible gaps in the resulting scan data.
  • Both models: The laser scanner may show incorrect “Scanner temperature is in the lower critical range” warnings.
  • Focus3D X 130: The laser scanner may contain points outside the specified scan range (130m) and be recorded as erroneous points within the specified range.
  • Trimble TX5: The laser modulation pattern may get corrupted. This may result in severe scan quality reductions such as increased range noise or fewer scan points. In extreme cases, scans without any distance data may be produced.

To check your Firmware Revision:

  1. Go to Manage > General Settings > Scanner Details
  2. If your Firmware Revision is Rev5.5.4.50009, you have the latest firmware and no further action is necessary.

Download the Firmware Update

To maximize the performance of your scanner and to avoid possible problems, Trimble and FARO recommend that all TX5 and Focus3D X 130 customers upgrade to this firmware revision.

To download the firmware update access the FARP website and enter your serial number.

If you have any questions about the firmware update, please contact FARO Asia Pacific on supportap@faro.com or +65 6511 1350.

Upgrade your TSC3 firmware to avoid connectivity issues

TSC3-188x250Trimble have recommended that all existing TSC3 are upgrade to the latest firmware, version 3.0.3. The new version adds support for Windows Mobile to enable it to validate SSL certificates signed using the SHA2/SHA-256 algorithm.

Without the upgrade users may receive security warnings and browsers not displaying content properly. The industry has been moving towards this SHA2 upgrade as the older version is known to be insecure.

To ensure you can continue to work as normal it is recommended that this update be applied as soon as practical. If you have any questions or need assistance contact your local UPG office.

Keep it current


Keeping your software and firmware up to date is important with all of your connected devices, especially your surveying, mapping and GIS devices. Having the latest version means you have the software’s latest features and advances.


To help you keep your devices on the latest version, we have included a current software version page on our website.

This page lists the current versions of the most common devices and has links to where you can find the current versions of less common devices.

We will be including a link to this page in this newsletter that we will send out every two months. So every time you see this newsletter, be sure to click on the link and check your device’s software or firmware is current.