Trimble VRS Now introduced in Australia

VRS_288x288In December, Trimble®, together with UPG, launched Trimble® VRS Now™ in Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia, Northern Territory, Tasmania and Victoria. This initiative adds integral, expanded coverage to Trimble’s national positioning infrastructure in Australia.

What is Trimble VRS Now?
Trimble VRS Now offers instant access to unsurpassed accuracy and reliability. It’s a professionally managed and secure service tailored to your geographic location and it’s always on whenever and wherever you need it.


With Trimble VRS Now you will also:

  • Achieve more consistent positioning via access to data from an RTK network
  • Gain instant access to real-time kinematic (RTK) corrections
  • Have no need for base station setup
  • Achieve 2 cm accuracy
  • Have access to built-in redundancy to ensure connectivity, consistency, and quality

It’s pretty simple…

The change for you
If you were an existing OmniSTAR CORS user, you would have been automatically upgraded to the new Trimble VRS Now service as well as access to the Pivot Field Mobile App. After a period of time, OmniSTAR CORS users who have been migrated across to Trimble VRS Now will be prompted to change their receivers from pointing to to

Trimble also offers its worldwide CentrePoint RTX services. Delivered via satellite or IP/cellular delivery, this service can achieve a 3cm level precision to all of Australia. This service is available standalone or in combination with a Network RTK subscription. This combination gives you the assurance that, no matter whether you are in mobile phone coverage or not, you will still get RTK data and your work won’t be interrupted.

Trimble Pivot Field Mobile App PivotFieldApp-200
To assist you in managing all of this information, Trimble Positioning Services have released the Pivot Field app for customers. This first of a kind service allows you to view individual CORS, atmospheric conditions, satellite availability and subscription details on your Smart Phone. This App is the first of its kind that is available to the End User.

Getting Started:

  1. Download Trimble Pivot Field from the Google Play or Apple store. There are versions available for both tablets and phones.
  2. Select the appropriate Provider Name for your region from the list, and enter your Organisation Name, Login and Password. VRS Now Australia providers are:
    • TVNAU NSW for New South Wales
    • TVNAU SA|NT for South Australia and the Northern Territory
    • TVNAU TAS|QLD for Tasmania and Queensland
    • TVNAU VIC for Victoria

Need advice about what Trimble service you need to get the best corrections? Give your local UPG office a call today.

WEBINAR: More than just a pretty picture – Rich Survey Deliverables Made Easy

This webinar will cover the use of Trimble VISION technology in the V10 Imaging Rover to capture positions from pictures, providing information that can be transformed into enhanced, rich geospatial deliverables.

Trimble V10
With the Trimble V10 a picture is worth a thousand points
As a complete solution, the Trimble V10 allows for Rapid Data Capture and provides complete site documentation that can be used to make photogrammetric measurements. Avoid site rework and benefit from increased quality control and data validation by capturing data now and measuring later.

Rich deliverables can be readily created using simple workflows which streamline data delivery and increase the value-add on your projects.

Join this unique event for a live opportunity to hear from and ask questions of Boris Skopljak, one of Trimble Navigation’s Product Managers in the Geospatial Division.

Date: Wednesday 4th March 2015
Time: 12.00 noon – 1.00pm Aust EDT
RSVP Date: Monday, 2nd March 2015

Register for the Webinar or find more information

Congratulations to our 140 Flight School Graduates


We’re proud to say that, since opening in October 2013, over 140 people have graduated from our UPG flight school.

The CASA certified flight school for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) is a five day course – the quickest in the country – and takes students through theory and practical components to gain their Remotely Piloted Aerial System (RPAS) certificate. This certificate is essential to operate a UAV for air work.

The school, run by our in house CASA approved instructors, is open to both UPG customers as well as non-customers and has been held in multiple locations nationwide since launching in 2013.

Paul Standen, UPG’s Geospatial Segment Manager says: “Launching this flight school was a huge milestone for us. After 125 years in the survey industry, we pride ourselves on the level of expertise, service and support we offer. As the process to gain the necessary certification to fly a UAV can be complicated, we wanted to make this much quicker and easier for people.

“We’re incredibly pleased with the feedback we’re getting; and that we have been able to help so many people, in many different industries, through the process. Our low student to instructor ratio means students gain excellent experience during the flight school. This helps students pass their RPAS qualification.”

CASA regulate the use of UAV for safety and getting the necessary certifications can be complicated. There is also a lot of misinformation about certification admits David Hobby, Chief Pilot, who runs the flight school.

“There are three things that a company needs to be able to fly UAVs – a company Operators Certificate (OC), a qualified Chief Pilot (named on the OC) and individuals with RPAS Level One certification from CASA (in a smaller company it may only be one person who is Chief Pilot and is RPAS certified).

“By attending and passing UPG’s flight school and passing your Radio Operators Certificate of Proficiency, you will receive your RPAS Level One certification. Once you have this, you are eligible to apply to be the Chief Pilot for your company for which an additional interview with CASA is required.” Hobby explains. “We can also assist companies to go through the OC process with CASA.”

You can find more information about the flight school and how UPG can help you receive your CASA required certifications at

Manage your waste and costs with UAVs


The Business Environment Newtork (BEN) recently spoke with Drew Langford and Bill Farry from our environmental and imaging divisions, about the increasing use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for surveying landfills. Landfill operators are beginning to understand how the safer, high accuracy imaging solution can greatly improve their waste management processes. Check out the article that was published in BEN’s magazine, Inside Waste, here.