"I enjoy using and promoting Trimble technology so our customers have the tools they need to efficiently and effectively complete the job at hand.  I never tire of seeing the surprise and relief our customers experience when they suddenly realise how much easier their task has become after being introduced to the systems we can provide."

Shaun Gray - Field Technician


"I've been with SITECH for almost two years, starting off in Brisbane, but made the move to Rockhampton recently into a new Implementation and Support role.  I enjoy having the extensive knowledge of our solutions and products and being able to assist and resolve any problems our customers face.  Its also a great balance between working at my desk and being on site supporting our customers."

Lauren Jarvis - Customer Support


"I've had the opportunity to travel extensively in my role, being as far north as Normanton and the bottom of Cape York, and as far west as Kalgoorlie and Perth.  By far the most rewarding part of my job is when you can get an apprehensive client or machine operator to 'get in and have a go' using Trimble Technology, and the end result is these initial doubters swear by the product by the end of a project".

Marty Evans - Product Support Representative


"When we deliver integrated solutions to a client on a large scale, our project delivery team gets involved to see things through right from day one.  I love the challenge and variety of working with different customers and different types of solutions and getting things right first time."

Bec Wood - Project Delivery