UPG is a training organisation approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA). The Flight School has been operating since 2013 and has assisted over 350 students to gain their Remote Pilot License. UPG’s experience in the geospatial industry allows our instructors to provide tailored training to suit specific applications such as aerial survey and asset inspection. UPG staff have a variety of backgrounds including Aviation, Surveying and Photogrammetry which allow us to provide a 365-degree training and support to our clients.

Remote Pilot License (RePL)

The RePL is a five days course which covers the theoretical and practical CASA syllabus. The theory classes will cover the following topics:


  • Module 1 – Aviation knowledge for RPA;
  • Module 2 – Airspace, charts and aeronautical publications for RPA;
  • Module 3 – Basic meteorology for RPA operations;
  • Module 4 – Electrical and electronic systems for RPA;
  • Module 5 – Human performance for RPA;
  • Module 6 – RPA knowledge of operations and procedures; and
  • Module 7 – Operation rules and air law for RPA.


  • Module 8 – Perform pre and post operation actions and procedures for RPA;
  • Module 9 – Energy management for RPA;
  • Module 10 – Manage crew, payload and bystanders for RPA operation;
  • Module 11 – Navigation and operations of RPA; and
  • Module 12 – Non-technical skills for operation of RPA.

UPG Flight School offers courses with aeroplane and/or multi-rotor endorsement with a maximum takeoff weight of up to 7 kg (<7kg).

Type Training

The Type Training constitutes the practical components of the RePL course and it is specific to a certain type of drone (RPA). This course can be attended separately if you already hold an RePL and would like to add an RPA type (i.e. Aeroplane or Multirotor) to your license. Depending on the platform, the course duration may vary from one to four days.

Aeroplane Type Training – Course Requirements

  • Module 13 – aircraft knowledge and operation principles;
  • Module 14 – ground operation and launch; Module 15 – normal operation;
  • Module 16 – land and recover;
  • Module 17 – advanced maneuvers;
  • Module 18 – manage abnormal situations or emergencies;
  • Module 19 – automated flight management systems for RPA – knowledge; and
  • Module 20 – use of automated flight management systems for RPA – operation.

 Multirotor Type Training – Course Requirements

  • Module 21 – aeronautical knowledge and operation principles;
  • Module 22 – control on ground;
  • Module 23 – launch, hover and landing;
  • Module 24 – normal operation;
  • Module 25 – advanced maneuvers; and
  • Module 26 – abnormal situations and emergencies.

Why choose UPG Flight School?

UPG is specialised in assisting enterprise clients to integrate drones in their workflow. A whole picture approach often sees the instructor not only conducting training, but also helping the customer to identify the best platform for his/her applications. UPG is an authorised senseFly and Trimble distributor and can offer the drone, the training, the hardware and software support where required. This ability delivers additional value to businesses and individuals who will be able to access UPG staff expertise in aviation, surveying and photogrammetry after completing the course.

UPG Flight School instructors have experience in operating drones commercially. However, UPG does not compete against its own clients but still offers them support in conducting aerial operations where required. This allows our instructor to base the training on real life scenarios and effectively prepare students to manage future challenges.


UPG flight school uses state of the art drone technology including the senseFly eBee Plus, the DJI Phantom 4 Pro and DJI Inspire 2. Specialised training on other platforms is also available.


For more information on training, purchasing, license requirements, get in touch.

“UPG Flight School provided valuable assistance inside the classroom, training twelve staff members in the RePL course, as well as supporting us on the field where required. UPG’s experience as both a CASA approved training organisation and in commercial UAV operations simplified the process of obtaining the required licenses and implementing drones in our operational workflow.”

Glenn Collins, Goulburn Murray Water.