Introducing FlyFreely Drone Management Platform

FlyFreely is an industry leading drone management platform that manages all aspects of drone operations, compliance and fleet. The platform has been developed by operators for operators to meet both CASA’s Manual of Standards requirements and the operational challenges that surveyors face daily such as limited internet connectivity.

FlyFreely provides a simple, user friendly, all in one platform for your team to effectively manage your drones program compliantly and efficiently, so you can spend more time flying and less time on paperwork.


Want to spend more time flying and less time on paperwork?

Are you a professional Remote Pilot that is tired of:

  • Cumbersome and time consuming mission planning,
  • Then having to use paper checklists in the field, and
  • Once back in the office having to manually enter in all the data!

These are common challenges the FlyFreely team hears regularly from prospective clients either starting out a new drones program or attempting to expand their existing program.

FlyFreely has been built by operators for operators, we have taken our knowledge and experience to present a customisable and adaptable software platform to meet the operational challenges that arise on each site or job. You can access the FlyFreely platform via the Office app (OA) cloud based, Field app (FA) downloadable to mobile devices and DJI smart controllers/crystal sky.

Our all-in-one platform allows users to access and streamline mission planning by integrating external services such as airspace, aerodromes and NOTAM’s, etc.

The dedicated FA works offline, replaces the need for paper checklists and forms. The FA also supports automated flight logging which can associate this mission data to remote pilot logs, RPA craft and batteries.

Benefits for CRP’s

Some of the key benefits to CRP’s or Drone Program Managers are:

  • Customisable mission workflows – rule set driven.
  • Flight Analyser tool – assess data from auto flight log capture
  • Apply Maintenance schedules
  • Fully customisable checklists/forms; regulatory or company driven
  • Supports all ROV types (air, marine, ground)
  • Rapid set up with inbuilt libraries, workflows and checklists/forms
  • Support team will help with set up and configuration and update of manuals.
  • Onboarding pilots – Dummy mission tutorial

Benefits for Remote Pilots

Some of the key benefits to survey pilots are:

  • Single page mission planning
  • Airspace data *CASA approved airspace app
  • Plan missions in the field via our FA for rapid deployment scenarios
  • Dedicated Field app (works offline)
  • Automated flight logging support: Trinity F90+, DJI RPA

Overall Platform Benefits:

Improved Efficiency

Remote Pilots in the field regularly experience a 50-70% increase in productivity when compared to paper-based systems, while Chief Remote Pilots and program managers can reduce their workload by 50%.

Reduced Risks

Improve compliance to reduce the risk of accidents or fines. Improve operating standards to reduce risk of rework. Rest easier knowing you are protected.

New Opportunities

With the FlyFreely platform in place you will find it easier to meet the regulatory requirements for more complex operations such as BVLOS and autonomous operation to open up new opportunities