Solar Power Systems


Solar power pole mounts, ground mounts, custom racks, and enclosures offer versatile solutions for remote power needs, providing flexibility in installation and adapting to various environments.

These systems enable the generation of reliable, off-grid power, promoting environmental sustainability and reducing dependence on traditional energy sources.

Customisation options optimise performance by integrating additional components, making them ideal for powering remote sites and contributing to clean energy access in off-grid locations.

Solar Power Systems

Solar Pole Mount Systems

The Alzone Pole mount bracket is cast from Aluminium. When combined with an Alzone rail, it is designed to carry up to two large solar panels (each a maximum of 1700mm x 1000mm) or a series of smaller sized modules.

The tilt angle can be adjusted from 10 degrees through to 35 degrees.

Stainless steel mounting hardware and anodised (corrosion resistant) aluminium rail is provided when the pole mount is purchased as a pole mount kit

The standard pole mount kit uses Alzone Standard Rail and Alzone Eco Rail in combination with other Alzone components.

Alzone Pole Mount Kits, are Wind Load Certified by an Engineer for use in Australian Wind region A.


Alzone Ground Mount Systems are user friendly and quick to install. There are a few different types and configurations to choose from.

All Ground Mounts are offered with Wind Load Compliance for All Australian Wind Zones including Region D Cyclone mounting.

Short Racks are available to suit a maximum of 2 x 1700mm x 1000mm Panels or a combination of smaller modules which take up the same area.

Short Racks are Engineered to comply with All Wind Zones. The Same frame will mount in Region A as the one which mounts in Region D.

Large Racks are available to suit a Maximum of 4 x 1700mm x 1000mm Panels or a combination of smaller or larger modules (up to 4 x 2100mm x 1000mm panels*) which take up the same area.

Large Racks are are Engineered to comply with All Wind Zones.

For Large Racks, you must specify whether system is for Region A, Region B, Region C or Region D.


  • Easily Assembled due to production being complete prior to dispatch (we cut and drill all items so all you have to do is bolt together on site)
  • Can be worked from the ground, thus not requiring cranes or lifts for installations.
  • First frame will take the longest to install, as usually it is the first time this system has been used by the installer. We personally, can assemble these frames within 10-15 minutes using a single person in our warehouse. The first time an installer uses this system, it may take them 20-25 minutes on the first frame, then the time would reduce after the first frame is constructed as the installer would have a better understanding of how the system goes together.
  • If using more than one person to install, then time frame would be around 10-20 minutes for the first frame and reduced after that.
  • The main time consumer is the concrete anchors. In-particular the drilling of the concrete to place anchors. This time frame can be severely reduced if anchors are set into concrete prior to installing frames.
  • Frames are just bolted together, so no cutting or drilling of racking on site is needed.


On request we can design, manufacture and configure customised portable or fixed racking systems and weatherproof enclosures, to house Base stations, Radio repeaters, monitoring communications devices or other equipment. Options include solar power, solar storage, communications, venting and antenna’s, depending on your requirements.