Monitoring Solutions

We have a range of monitoring solutions and services


UPG offers one of the most complete monitoring portfolios available, with a solution for nearly any monitoring project. We are experts in system automation and nearly any sensor can be automated, whether new or existing.

We specialise in offering full turnkey solutions, including items such as instrument shelters, remote communications and solar power systems, so implementing a monitoring project has never been easier.

Whether you want to monitor a mine, tailings dam, rail or structure, we have a solution for you, and offer a full service, including consultation, system design, equipment supply, implementation, and commissioning, along with lifetime support of your system.

We use the latest technologies which ensure our solutions are on the cutting edge and all operate within a single software ecosystem, regardless of the field hardware.

So, no matter how big or small your project is, we have a solution for you.

Monitoring as a Service

One of the most commonly mentioned roadblocks to implementing a monitoring project is the intimidation factor!! Monitoring projects, especially complex multi-disciplinary ones, ultimately require a host of specialist technical knowledge to successfully implement.

UPG is well placed to eliminate this intimidation factor, as we offer a range of services that result in turnkey solutions. Instead of being a mountain to climb, we can make your monitoring project completely effortless, with our all-encompassing solutions all under one roof.

Equipment Supply

We supply a wide range of equipment and accessories to fully meet your needs for nearly any kind of monitoring project. This includes GNSS receivers, Total Stations, Digital Weather Stations, Wireless Sensors and Nodes, as well as the associated Monitoring Software. In addition to this, we manufacture complimentary systems such as customised enclosures, instrument shelters, communications systems, and solar power systems, to offer everything needed for even the most complex monitoring project.


We recognise that not everybody is an expert in all fields of technology. This is why we offer a free consultation service to give our expert advice on how to effectively go about implementing your project. From designing customized point-to-point communication networks, or equipment-specific solar power systems, to advice on sensor arrays and appropriate methodologies. We draw on many years’ worth of experience, combined with on-site reconnaissance, to ensure we get it right the first time. This culminates in the use of appropriate and well-integrated technologies, with reliable long-term performance.

System Integration and Commissioning

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There are few monitoring projects that allow the use of off-the-shelf systems. Typically, a complex monitoring project would require the use of a number of different technologies, covering hardware from different suppliers, communications and power, software integration, and the ability to conform to stringent IT policy. Trying to combine all of this into a comprehensive and turnkey solution requires multi-disciplinary expertise and experience.

UPG has all the experience gained from a proven track record of implementing many complex monitoring projects over the years, along with a fully equipped workshop and support infrastructure, to offer a full in-house integration service.

But, it doesn’t end with equipment arriving on-site on a pallet. Our service extends to full on-site system commissioning, giving you the confidence that you have a complete and fully operational live monitoring system before we leave the site.

Support and Training

Sometimes, things go wrong!! Although they are extremely robust and reliable, our monitoring systems operate off the back of site infrastructure and conditions that neither you nor we have full control over. So, when you experience technical difficulties and run out of ideas, you need someone to turn to. UPG draws on years’ worth of relevant industry experience to help you out with virtually any technical difficulty you may encounter. In addition, UPG has access to the might of a global network of Trimble product specialists, so we can get to the bottom of any technical hitch, no matter how complex.

At UPG, we are confident that the solutions we supply are of the highest quality, and are robust and long-lasting. In fact, we back this up with a promise of free, world-class technical support for your system…for life!! There are no expensive support contracts attached to our systems. Your investment in our systems is enough to guarantee you will have a helping hand when you need it.

In addition, we offer full software training, both office-based, or on-site, to ensure you get the most out of your system.


Not all monitoring projects are new projects, enjoying all the benefits and conveniences that modern technology provides.

There is a sea of existing projects out there, reliant on outdated technology and workflows, most of them requiring manual data collection, processing and analysis, and reporting. This is very time-consuming and is a further drain on already pressurised human resources. But, all is not lost!!

The cutting-edge technology UPG uses can easily be retrospectively integrated into just about any existing manual system. We can turn time-consuming workflows into fully automated ones, from just addressing automatic data reading and transfer aspects, to fully aggregating and integrating multiple sensor types into a single software ecosystem.