Trimble 4D Control – Monitoring as a Service

Trimble 4D Control – Monitoring as a Service (MaaS) is a comprehensive monitoring solution that provides real-time data for structural and geotechnical monitoring projects.

It offers continuous monitoring and analysis of structures, such as buildings, bridges, dams, and slopes, as well as geotechnical assets like mines and tunnels.

We offer rapid deployment of industry-leading monitoring solutions for your site, using the latest software and hardware, by our experienced geospatial professionals.

Monitoring as a Service

What is Monitoring as a Service?

Traditional Monitoring methods are time consuming and inefficient. They lack the ability to report and notify in a timely manner. Trimble 4D Control MaaS removes the IT, Server and Software administration out of the equation to deliver a rapid deployment of a proven industryleading monitoring platform.

  • Lower upfront investment
  • Remove IT hurdles by using our team of experts
  • Prompt & efficient deployment and completion

Find out how we can implement monitoring for your project.

Rapid deployment of monitoring for your site using the industry standard for positioning software and hardware. Monitoring as a Service provides a hassle-free solution for your project for any period of time. Deployed under the direction of your Geospatial Professional, Trimble 4D Control Monitoring as a Service is a versatile option for your Monitoring projects.

Trimble 4D Control – Monitoring as a Service (MaaS)

Trimble T4D Control Software

A monitoring installation lets you detect displacement or movement in natural and man-made structures. It provides the data you need to understand the speed, direction and magnitude of any motion. The software is the core of your monitoring project. It controls the measurements, manages and analyses the data, and provides decision support.

Getting started is easy with scalable monitoring solutions from Trimble. Trimble 4D Control provides analysis and management tools to help you start small and grow. As your expertise in monitoring increases, you can easily expand from post-processed deformation monitoring campaigns all the way to real-time systems that manage your projects and alert the operator of significant motion events.

  • Create comprehensive monitoring systems using GNSS receivers, optical total stations and geotechnical sensors.

  • Enhance and customise your monitoring capability to address a wide range of applications

  • Measure, analyse, visualise and report on your monitoring projects

  • Manage your system and view results from remote locations

Benefits of Automated Monitoring

  • Better utilise your staff resources.
  • Automated systems are more efficient.
  • Real-time data.
  • Real-time alarms and alerts.
  • Access your data anytime through the web user interface.
  • A dedicated team of professionals to handle the IT, communications and server infrastructure for rapid deployment.
  • Assistance with the commissioning of Trimble 4D Control software and sensors.

UPG supports and suggests the engagement of a qualified Geospatial Professional (Surveyor) to assist with deployment and ongoing management of any Monitoring project.

Monitoring as a Service