Blaxtair is an intelligent onboard camera system capable of distinguishing between a person and other obstacles and thereby eliminating alarm fatigue.

It utilises 3D imagery, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This allows drivers and operators to confidently be more productive and improve on safety. It is used in any industrial operation, including warehouses, recycling operations, civil construction, earthmoving, quarrying and mining.

BLAXTAIR Pedestrian Detection

Blaxtair detection systems make machines more autonomous and driving safer.
They thereby improve the cooperation between pedestrians and machines.


Blaxtair Origin saves lives. The most advanced pedestrian detection solution to avoid incidents with pedestrians. It not only alerts drivers to danger without unnecessary alarms, but also helps HSE and site managers control and reduce the risk of accidents. Compact, robust, connected, scalable and easy to install, with unparalleled performance on the market, Blaxtair Origin is the only AI camera capable of accurately detecting and locating pedestrians in real time, in any posture (standing, crouching or in partial view) in all the most demanding work environments.

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Saftey Comes First

The only one of its kind, the Blaxtair is the only smart camera able to distinguish a person from another obstacle in real time and alert the operator in case of danger.

Since 2011, BLAXTAIR has been committed to increasing the safety of workers in their working environments.
Whether it be in the sectors of recycling, industry, logistics, public works, mines, tunnels or urban cleanup, people are at risk every day as they work around machinery. And every day, accidents cost businesses dearly.


Blaxtair Connect is a pedestrian detection solution that contributes to our customers’ zero accident target, by identifying the locations and times of day on their site, where the risk of people/vehicle accidents is highest. Blaxtair Connect measures the effectiveness of the preventive actions implemented, to avoid collisions between vehicles and pedestrians. The collected data is made available on an online portal, which enables monitoring of relevant indicators at the required frequency.


BlaxtairView® is a robust, efficient backup camera for professional vehicles working in difficult environments.

Compatible with the Blaxtair system, the BlaxtairView can combine images from 1 to 4 cameras on the cabin’s one single control screen to offer high-resolution color images for optimal visibility in blind areas.

Designed for all kinds of professional machinery, the BlaxtairView wide field of view camera can be fitted to :

  • trucks, vans
  • all sorts of worksite vehicles: dumpsters, feeders, forklifts, excavators, graders, compactors…
  • agricultural machinery: tractors, harvesters…
  • industrial vehicles: heavy goods, buses, etc.

The Blaxtair uses its sensor to continuously scan the blind areas around the machine and reconstruct its environment in 3D.

The identification of the nature of each obstacle is based on powerful video recognition algorithms developed by the French Atomic Energy Commission. If a person is detected in the danger zone, depending on the imminent risk, the Blaxtair gives off a visual and sound signal to alert the driver. A control screen in the cabin allows the driver to judge the critical nature of the situation.

Blaxtair is designed for harsh environments and it adapts to all types of machinery. It is easy to use and does not require any specific maintenance.

Blaxtair Saves Lives