Data Collectors. Whether you need a fully integrated GNSS handheld for GIS data collection and maintenance, or a field controller to pair with your GNSS receiver and total station for survey work, Trimble has a range of high performing, rugged field devices that provide everything from centimeter accuracy to communications and more.

Data Collectors


Trimble TSC7

For reliable performance in the field.

Trimble TSC5

Rugged survey controller that gets the job done.

Trimble TCU5

Rugged field controller for S-series total stations.

Trimble TDC650

High-accuracy GNSS with handheld convenience.

Trimble TDC600

A smartphone with professional GNSS for data capture.


Trimble T100

Fast computing power for speed and efficiency.

Trimble T10x

High-performance in the field.

Trimble T7

Purpose built for demanding survey and GIS applications.



Slim, rugged and easy to use.


Durable with a rugged, multi-functional design.

Data Collectors

Trimble SiteVision

A user-friendly outdoor augmented reality system that brings data to life so you can visualise and explore complex information with unrivalled accuracy.


  • Trimble TSC7: Windows 10
  • Trimble TSC5: Android 11
  • Trimble TCU5: Android 7.1.1
  • Trimble TDC6: Android 12
  • Trimble T100: Windows 11
  • Trimble T7: Windows 10
  • Trimble T10x: Windows 10

Android updates are automatically pushed over-the-air (OTA) to Android-compatible devices, requiring user acceptance. Trimble strongly encourages users to accept these updates to ensure that your controller remains up-to-date and functions efficiently.

Go to the Trimble OS, BIOS & Firmware portal for the latest Trimble OS updates for your Windows compatible controllers.

Trimble TSC7, Trimble TSC5 and Trimble TDC6 support the Trimble R12i, Trimble R12, Trimble R780 and Trimble R580 GNSS receivers. Trimble TDC6 supports the Trimble DA2 receiver.

There are a few ways to get the most out of your controller battery:

  • Power saver mode (Windows 10 Action Center).
  • Minimise the power and sleep timeout settings (Settings/System/Power & Sleep).
  • Turn off the radios (Wi-Fi, WWAN, Bluetooth) when you are not using them.
  • Reduce the display backlight (Fn + 4 keys on the keypad).
  • Change sync settings (Settings/Accounts/Sync your settings).
  • Deselect items you don’t need.
  • Lock the screen rotation.

Trimble Access, Trimble TerraFlex and Trimble Penmap software.

Trimble handheld devices are built ruggedly to endure the rigors of demanding fieldwork, surpassing the durability of many consumer devices. They are specifically optimised for survey and mapping data collection, featuring options such as physical button data keys and sunlight-readable screens.

Reach out and speak with one of our experts. With a deep understanding of local industry requirements, our Partners can advise on the most suitable Trimble products for your specific applications. Additionally, they offer product demonstrations, expert training, and ongoing maintenance and support services.