Wireless geotechnical sensors


Wireless geotechnical sensors from Trimble, including wireless tiltmeters and laser-tilt sensors, provide precise measurements of tilt and distance.

These sensors enable automated detection and reporting of movements, with tiltmeters offering highly accurate tri-axial readings crucial for informed decisions on structural health.

Wireless geotechnical sensors

Our Suite of Trimble Wireless Geotechnical Sensors

Our suite includes the LaserTilt90 sensor, a versatile monitoring tool that combines a laser distance meter and tiltmeter to measure changes in inclination and relative distances between reference points. Additionally, our wireless tiltmeters offer automated angular change detection and reporting capabilities, ensuring efficient monitoring of structural movements. In various applications, such as structural health determination and excavation stability analysis, our wireless tiltmeters provide high-accuracy tri-axial readings, enabling precise movement detection.



This wireless sensor is a 2-in-1 laser distance meter and tiltmeter. They measure change in inclination and relative distance between pairs of reference points.

The Trimble wireless laser + tiltmaster is a sophisticated sensor system that combines the functionalities of a laser distance meter and a tiltmeter. This device offers precise measurements of both tilt angles and distances, making it ideal for various applications such as structural monitoring, excavation stability analysis, and building displacement tracking. With its wireless capabilities, the Trimble wireless laser + tiltmaster provides convenient and efficient data collection, enabling accurate detection of movements critical for ensuring structural integrity and stability.

Loadsensing LaserTilt90 Specsheet

Wireless Tiltmeters

The wireless tiltmeter automatically monitors structural angular changes, alerting and reporting movements and settlements.
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The Trimble wireless tiltmaster is an advanced sensor designed for precise monitoring of structural movements. This device utilises wireless technology to accurately measure changes in inclination along multiple axes. It provides high-accuracy tri-axial readings, enabling thorough analysis of structural health and stability. The Trimble wireless tiltmaster is particularly useful for applications such as excavation stability assessment, tunnel convergence monitoring, and building displacement detection. Its wireless capabilities facilitate seamless data collection and real-time reporting, making it a valuable tool for engineers and construction professionals working on projects where precise monitoring of structural movements is essential.

Triaxial Wireless Tiltmeters Datasheet

LaserTilt90 applications

Monitor inclinations, movements, and differential settlement essential for analysing excavation stability, tunnel convergence, and monitoring building displacement.

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Wireless tiltmeter applications

Tiltmeters offer precise tri-axial readings, enabling accurate detection of movement critical for assessing structural health and ensuring stability during excavation and shoring operations.

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