GEDO Solution Portfolio: Latest Product Releases and New Functionalities

GEDO solution portfolio

GEDO solution portfolio. We are excited to introduce Trimble Access Rail Module Doc and Trimble Access Rail Module Rec, enabling working with Trimble Access in combination with the track measurement trolley Trimble GEDO CE 2.0.

The Trimble Access Rail App is installed via the Trimble Installation Manager. To use the software, please ensure that your software is under warranty (at least until end of October 2022). If you are planning to migrate from GEDO Rec to Trimble Access Rail, please contact us.

The next generation of Trimble GEDO IMU-2, along with new set of accessories has also been released; now Wi-Fi connection for cable-free connection and new power management with battery hot-swap capability.

The field software versions GEDO IMS and GEDO Scan as well as the office software versions GEDO Office and GEDO Scan Office have been updated.
The latest versions are available for download via the Login area on GEDO Track Survey and Scanning Homepage.

Field Software

  • GEDO Rec v2.4.2
  • GEDO Track v2.4.1
  • GEDO Vorsys v2.4.0
  • GEDO IMS v1.5.1
  • GEDO Scan v1.5.0
  • GEDO Proxy v1.3.0.2

Office Software

  • GEDO Office v2.10.0
  • GEDO Scan Office v2.5.4
  • GEDO NovaTrack v2.2.2