Trimble AccessPlus

Trimble AccessPlus offers the biggest opportunity for Cadastral and Consulting Surveyors to add a GNSS solution to their portfolio.

The Trimble Access software suite offers surveyors and geospatial professionals a range of specialised field applications designed to make fieldwork easier.

A powerful software offering streamlined data collection in the field, advanced CAD capabilities on the controller, and seamless collaboration between field and office.

It enhances efficiency, accuracy, and productivity throughout the surveying process.

Trimble AccessPlus

Trimble AccessPlus Termed License

1st Year low entry cost from :-


  • TDC600 Controller
  • DA2 Antenna
  • Accessories

Simple. Accurate. Efficient.

Trimble Access Termed License

  • Trimble Access Software
  • ProPoint technology
  • VRSNow
  • RTX

The Power of Trimble AccessPlus

Trimble AccessPlus Survey Software supports everyday survey workflows with features that deliver greater flexibility and efficiency as you work.

  • One-tap easy-to-use feature coding.
  • Powerful graphical COGO routines for calculating points and features.
  • Graphical staking of points, lines, arcs, and alignments from active maps.
  • Integrated Surveying technology combines optical, scanning, and GNSS data plus images in the same job.
Trimble AccessPlus Survey Software

Low cost of entry

  • Minimal upfront hardware cost
  • Corrections bundled with the subscription
  • Less of your money tied up in Captial assets


  • You choose your controller
  • License management – enable greater utilisation
  • Short term / annual plans

Latest release

Your license is always current so you can utilise the latest enhancements and updates


Trimble DA2 GNSS Receiver

Trimble DA2 now supports Trimble AccessPlus termed licences.

  • Trimble’s smallest and lightest RTK-capable GNSS receiver: at only 330g (<12 oz), DA2 is small enough to carry anywhere.
  • Powered in the field using an off-the-shelf USB power bank or any USB-C equipped field device.
  • Custom engineered and powered by Trimble ProPoint™ GNSS technology.
  • Multi-band support for all global and regional GNSS systems: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS, NavIC/IRNSS, SBAS, MSS/L-Band.
  • Excellent phase-center stability and robust multi-path rejection characteristics in difficult GNSS environments.

Get the right data collector to get the job done

Trimble Data Collector Options

Trimble DA2 GNSS Receiver
Trimble ProPoint

Trimble ProPoint Technology

Improved receiver performance in challenging* GNSS environments, including operating under tree canopy or near buildings & other urban structures.

Advanced tracking and GNSS signal management delivers increased yield.

Advanced signal filtering and error modelling provide better protection against jamming and multipath errors.

* Challenging GNSS environments are locations where the receiver has sufficient satellite availability to achieve minimum accuracy requirements, but where the signal may be partly obstructed by and/or reflected off of trees, buildings, and other objects. Actual results may vary based on user’s geographic location and atmospheric activity, scintillation levels, GNSS constellation health and availability, and level of multipath and signal occlusion.

Trimble Centerpoint RTX

Precise corrections in real-time.  Every time.

Trimble RTX® is our exclusive, advanced precise point positioning technology that provides real-time, centimeter-level corrections. Experience true mobility working without the constraints of a local base station or VRS network, with high-level accuracy delivered to you worldwide via satellite or cellular/IP.

RTK delivered by VRS Now

Absolute precision and trusted reliability mean the difference between getting the project done right the first time versus correction errors and work delays.

Trimble VRS Now provides instant access to real-time kinematic (RTK) corrections using a CORS network and proprietary PIVOT software.

Trimble VRSNow
  • High accuracy

    We invented VRS technology and remain the industry leader in providing centimeter-level accuracy.

  • Better uptime

    Our reliable network ensures you have uninterrupted connectivity.

  • Less hassle

    Don’t worry about buying, moving or maintaining a base station or setting up your own infrastructure. Just connect, correct and measure.


UPG and AllTerra are your Trimble support throughout Australia and New Zealand.  We continue to deliver the best for our clients and have dedicated experts on hand to support you locally, with assistance in the field by remote login to your devices.

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Follow Luke Johnson, Technical Product Manager – Survey Field Software for Trimble, based in New Zealand.  Recently selected by XYHT as one of their 23 young geospatial professionals to watch in 2023, Luke’s video range covers tips and tricks, best practices in the field, how to’s, and did you know Trimble Access does this.

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Want to keep up with the latest tips, tricks, and best practices in the field?

This channel is packed with valuable content that will help you get the most out of your Trimble equipment, from step-by-step tutorials on how to use specific features, to tips on improving your workflow and increasing efficiency in the field.

With new videos being added regularly, you can count on the Trimble Access YouTube channel to be your go-to resource for all things Trimble.


Trimble Access Help Portal!

Bookmark the Trimble Access Help Portal! With its user-friendly search function, it should be your go-to source for any questions you may have about the software.

The home page is constantly updated with links to all the latest material, including the brand new Topographic/measure series.

Don’t miss out on this valuable resource – head on over to the Trimble Access Help Portal today and check it out! 👉

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