Herga Group Companies

Herga, Herga Group or Herga Group Company is used to describe the Herga Group of Companies, which includes all companies or businesses wholly or majority owned or managed by Herga Holdings Pty Ltd or a Herga Holdings Pty Ltd nominee.

Current at May 2021 the following entities form part of the Herga Group:

  • Ultimate Positioning Group Pty Ltd ACN 135 812 903;
  • SITECH Construction Systems Pty Ltd ACN 135 939 507;
  • BuildingPoint Australia Pty Ltd ACN 165 100 327;
  • Information Alignment Pty Ltd ACN 102 630 535;
  • Civil Pro Software Pty Ltd ACN 645 136 661; and
  • any related body corporate, affiliate or associated entity of the above listed entities.