Ingenuity to create solutions clients can’t live without

Working for tier-one construction companies, Todd Foster’s focus on high-accuracy, innovative spatial solutions started with high-accuracy monitoring on two large dam projects.

After the second dam was complete, Todd decided to venture out on his own by starting Milestone Survey. By blending traditional survey techniques with innovative ways of problem solving, Milestone Survey has grown into a strong player in the Australian market – even in a slowing economy.

Todd has built a company that uses innovation, talented employees, and leading-edge survey equipment to deliver value to its clients by anticipating the clients’ needs. It’s this ingenuity and ability to create solutions that clients can’t live without that will ensure the success of this new venture, Milestone Spatial, for a long time to come.

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Surveying a highway without setting foot on the road

There’s a lot going on at the intersection of Pumicestone and Beerburrum Roads, just north of Caboolture, Queensland.

Traffic is continuous, and just 30 metres to the east, trains bustle along the North Coast railway line.
With this in mind, Transport and Main Roads (TMR) needed to consider surveyor safety before starting a major upgrade in the area.

Would its team be confined to night surveys with expensive traffic control? Or was there a way to remotely capture the extensive but vital site data without putting surveyors on the road?

“We’d usually need to occupy the road with a total station and prism, and no risk assessment would allow us to do that without traffic control at the very least, so we’d probably end up doing the job at night,” said TMR senior surveyor Ray Miller.

Overall, the risks of the job would take time and cost to mitigate.

“As well as the survey crew, you’ve got at least three traffic controllers plus bump trucks, lights, set-up, and signs, plus Queensland Rail would need to be informed and they have their own controls and procedures for safety.

“It becomes a time-consuming logistical challenge,” said Ray.

However Ray and his team found a way to survey its entire Bruce Highway project during the day without setting foot on the road.

See how in this case study.

See the latest that might be your new best solution

The INTERGEO geospatial conference in Hamburg last week has seen our partner businesses add some exciting new solutions to their offerings.



Trimble® SX10
Full total station technology plus a high-precision scanner in one revolutionary machine.

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FARO FocusS 150 and FocusS 350
FARO has upgraded their popular terrestrial laser scanner, now featuring a larger screen, IP rating, longer range plus camera improvements.

Find out more.

Trimble® TX6 Laser Scanner
High-speed 3D laser scanning with value-for-money to deliver essential performance and scan quality.

Find out more.

Trimble® TX8 Laser Scanner
Ultra-high speed 3D laser scanner with no compromise on range and accuracy to deliver unsurpassed performance and versatility.

Find out more.


senseFly eBee Plus
An upgrade to the popular eBee, the eBee Plus includes a large coverage photogrammetric mapping system featuring RTK/PPK upgradeability for survey-grade accuracy on demand.

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 mxsoftware-fi Trimble® MX Software
The economical MX7 solution now allows you to webserve data through your organisation. It’s like street view data, but allows you to view the 360 degree images, and measure points and lines from the images.

Find out more.


Trimble® AllTrak™ Cloud
Trimble AllTrak™ Cloud is an equipment management application that helps you monitor your assets, see who is responsible for them, and check if the equipment is available to be assigned to another job.

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Getting the most out of your total station

Did you know that these functions were available in the latest Trimble total stations?

Trimble SureScan allows you to collect the right points, not just more points. As you can see in the image below, the traditional scanning technology produces a radial surface, with ever TS-gridincreasing gaps in the data as the measured distance increase, while the SureScan scanning grid produces a more even grid spacing.

This technology is ideal for civil applications such as road surveys, general topography and also volume surveys.



Trimble VISION allows surveyors to see what the total station sees through a live video feed from the controller saving you a trip back to the office. You can select targets with just a tap of the controller screen and avoid rework by visually confirming all points have been measured correctly before moving on.

Use the total station imagery to measure points that may be inaccessible, for example roof heights. Take photos from the total station and then measure the lines within Trimble Business Center (TBC).

You can also take a photo using the jigger and use the tools within TBC to make notes on it and save it.

VISION Panorama takes many photos in a frame that you create in Trimble Business Center Advanced. The software can stitched together these images and processed them into a single panorama, which can also be exported as a JPEG, this makes a nice deliverable to provide to customers.

TS-pointsWhen DR shots are taken in the field they can be used to create a virtual plane in TBC. We can then overlay the image on the plane to virtually survey. Features can been identified with corner points created and linework introduced. This process is much quicker than measuring each individual point in the field and saves you time and effort. It is also handy if you have missed any items in the field because it saves you re-work.

Trimble Locate2Protect is a geo-locator that allows you to monitor the location and safety of your equipment and staff. It allows you to easily locate your equipment, set geo-fencing, to receive notifications when the equipment moves in or out of this location, and a G Force sensor to provide notifications if the jigger has been dropped.

Locate2Protect is available in Trimble S7 and S9 total stations and can be retrofitted in earlier machines. A subscription fee is required to activate Locate2Protect.

If you’d like to know more about any of these features contact your local UPG office.

A whole new world of surveying with the Trimble V10

V10 image
In October 2013 at Intergeo in Germany, Trimble announced their brand new V10 imaging Rover. Simon Sprague, our Brisbane based Technical Consultant for imaging and scanning tells us a bit about this new solution and what it will mean for the industry.

“The V10 is the first system of its kind, wholly dedicated to terrestrial photogrammetry and able to measure a 360° panorama at the touch of a button. It also works seamlessly with Trimble prisms and the R10 GNSS receivers – if you’ve got an R10 you can fit the V10 system onto the same pole.

“At the end of the day, we need to produce information that is useful to and understood by our customers. The great thing is everyone understands photos, so the data and information that can be provided using the V10 will be much more easily understood by the end client. Just think, rather than a 2D drawing, you will be able to provide your client with a 3D model which will incorporate a great deal of imagery and other measurement information of their site.

“The V10 can be used for a lot of traditional surveying tasks, but will be of particular use on dynamic sites, that require thorough visual and positional documentation at particular points in time.

“A good example of this is forensic examination, where a site is only available to survey for a short period, and all the evidence will be lost after the site has been re-opened. With the V10, you’d be able to quickly take photos of the entire site and then take this data back to the office to make the necessary measurements afterwards. This will save a lot of time, reduce the likelihood of critical measurements being lost once the site has reopened, and also mean you’ll be capturing information about the whole site in one go.

“With the latest version of Trimble Business Centre 3.11 we can now extract positional information from the V10 data much more quickly. This is because we are now able to measure photogrammetry points via a single click (known within Trimble-land as Virtual DR™) whereas previously we had to measure from multiple photo views – this is a big step forward.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Trimble V10 system which will be available in Australia soon:

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