UASMaster 7.1-7.1.1

UASMasters-250x150Earlier this month Trimble announced a major release for UASMaster. UASMaster is one of Trimble’s UAS processing software solutions, engineered on the basis of the well-established Impho advanced airborne photogrammetry / airborne LiDAR processing software suite.

It offers full automatic geo-referencing, point-cloud generation, as well as orthomosaic generation including refinement and editing tools for all deliverables as well as basic mapping and value adding functionality (for example point cloud classification).

The new release, 7.1, contains the following enhancements

  • Direct geo-referencing and support for high quality IMU and GNSS data
  • Improved visualisation and productivity tools for mapping and CAD drafting
  • Better quality of deliverables (eg point clouds) without any ground control points
  • Improved error handling and error messaging

The new release, as most major releases, contains fixes to ensure processing workflows without interruptions and to grant for high quality results.

UASMasters 7.1 is available free to customers on maintenance and does not require a new license to be installed, provided that a valid 7.x license is available.

For users that are working on ongoing projects and do not want to change to the new major version immediately, Trimble recommends the installation of the patch 7.03. This final patch for version 7.0x contains several important fixes that are also available through version 7.1.

To start benefiting from the enhanced features of UASMasters 7.1.1 download the update now.

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senseFly albris (previously eXom) – a sensor packed, intelligent, multirotor drone

eXomThere has been an exciting new release from the manufacturer of the popular eBee. The senseFly albris (previously eXom) is a new, sensor packed, intelligent, multirotor drone. It has a number of unique features that set it apart from other multirotors and make it ideal for inspection work, thermal applications, video capture and surveying applications.

The albris features a 38MP still camera that can also be used to collect HD video. A Thermal image can also be turned on, recorded and overlayed during flight. There is also a headlamp to assist in video capture, and a flash for photography.

To ensure safe use, the albris has 5 wide angle VGA navcams that point in different directions and collect video for situational awareness. These are coupled with sonar sensors that detect objects in close proximity and can be used to hold a fixed difference of objects while recording inspection data.

With a takeoff weight of just 1.8kg and a flight time of 22 minutes it is industry leading in light weight technology. senseFly believe that being lightweight is the key to portability, long flight times, ease of use and especially safety.

Powered by Pix4D technology, the included Postflight Terra 3D office software allows users to create orthomosaics, thermal maps, DEMs and 3D Models amongst other things. This new version of Terra 3D has many new features, but most importantly the orthomosaics and DEMs have been substantially improved, particularly around buildings and trees.

See the story of albris’s evolutions.

datasheet-iconGet the specs and more from the brochure.

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Surveying a mountain highway project

uav-highwayIn the steep canyons of the Republic of Macedonia an international construction company is completing a major highway project. The highway will run 28.2km, traversing a natural gorge and crossing a river. It will provide a connection to the region’s transport network.

The area’s challenging geomorphology – including steep slopes, ravines, rivers, forests and protected areas – mean the survey project was designed and is being undertaken with great regard for the environmental conditions.

See the full article on page 20 of Point of Beginning

The right UAV for your needs

We have a range of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) designed for different tasks,  as well as the software you need to process the data.

To guide you to the best UAV for your needs, we have developed a few simple questions.


Or review the terms explained, below, to help broaden your understanding.

Terms Explained

UAV unmanned aerial vehicles

UAS unmanned aerial systems, includes software

Drone any UAV

Multi-rotor drone UAV with multiple propellers, typically used for close or inspection work

Fixed wing drone plane like UAV, typically used to cover large areas

CASA Civil Aviation Safety Authority, has the primary responsibility for the maintenance, enhancement and promotion of the safety of civil aviation in Australia

Pixel size the size of the dots that make up the image, smaller pixels typically result in higher resolution

GCP ground control points

Trimble UX5 HP

Thanks to a 36MP camera and integrated GNSS receiver, the fully automated and easy to use Trimble UX5 HP captures high precision, hi-res images down to a single centimetre GSD. The integrated high-performance Trimble GNSS receiver along with Post-Processed Kinematic (PPK) technology empowers you to establish very accurate image locations in absolute coordinate systems, eliminating the need for ground control points and saving you significant time in the field.


Get the specs and more in the datasheet.datasheet-icon


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