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Trimble Catalyst: High Accuracy Positioning on-Demand, on your Android Phone

AUGUST 16, 2017

Speaker: Gareth Gibson

Trimble® Catalyst™ is a revolutionary new positioning technology for Android phones and tablets that is delivered as a subscription service to a software-defined GNSS receiver. Trimble Catalyst is capable of delivering accuracies down to 1-2 cm, placing the power of high accuracy positioning in the hands of every field worker with a compatible Android device.

Catalyst is already integrated with several applications, including Trimble TerraFlex™, Trimble Penmap® for Android™, Trimble UAV Ground Control, and various other regionally focused applications. It can also be used with any GPS-ready app on the Google Play Store. Additionally, with an open SDK, Catalyst can be integrated directly into any application to deliver specialised GNSS positioning functionality and workflows.

In this session, we will walk attendees through all aspects of the Trimble Catalyst service, including subscriptions, accessories, and software components.


  • Can your workflow benefit from high accuracy positioning?
  • Can you rely on your phone's internal GPS?
  • What is Trimble Catalyst and how is it different to regular GNSS?
  • What are the advantages of software GNSS and positioning as a service?
  • Who is using Trimble Catalyst today?
  • How can you get your app or workflow Trimble Catalyst-enabled?