Traverse Workflow in Trimble RealWorks

Trimble RealWorks allows you to perform a traverse type registration workflow even if your laser scanner may not have the capability in the field software.

In the video below Jason Hayes, product manager for Trimble RealWorks, gives us a 25 minute tutorial to show us how.

Behind the Big Eye of the SX10

Behind the distinctive “bug eye” of the SX10 is the spinning prism for scanning, a tracking laser, EDM laser, a tele-camera, and tracking camera. Flanking the lens is the overview camera (left) and primary camera (right), and a plummet camera underneath.

Gavin Schrock, land surveyor, technology writer, and xyHt editor, was lucky enough to visit the Danderyd, Sweden, facility of Trimble to share the story of the SX10 and its development.

See the story of the SX10 on the xyHt blog.

New Patch available for UASMaster / Inpho

The patches include some smaller changes simplifying the work with the software and include important fixes around processing stability. Trimble recommended to always work with the latest release, plus it means you’ll have the latest tools. Users with a valid license for version 8.x do not require a new license to be installed.

Find out more or download the new patch.

A Trimble S9, lost….and found in just 30 minutes!

When an opportunistic theft by moped resulted in Central Alliance losing a Trimble s9 they notified the police and KOREC, the local Trimble dealer.

All new Trimble S-Series Total Stations come with L2P (Locate2Protect) built-in, so the KOREC Technical Support was able to locate the instrument and track it live. When the instrument position remained static, KOREC sent the latitude and longitude of the missing instrument. It was retrieved from the bush where it had been dumped, unharmed and needing nothing more than a check.

Principal Land Surveyor Milen Charov said, “KOREC’s response couldn’t have been faster. The down-time caused by the loss of an instrument along with the hassle of dealing with insurance claims is extremely inconvenient. L2P is a great service and it’s saved us trouble, time and money. After an incident like this we have realised how important the locator functionality is. It’s absolutely worth it and I strongly recommend it.”

L2P finds an asset’s location by receiving a GPS signal from a clear line of sight with satellites in the sky. If your equipment and goes indoors (in a garage or storage facility), the L2P A-GPS technology takes over the tracking. This gives it the ability to find an asset’s location both indoors and outdoors down to the city street level address.

L2P comes standard with the later version total stations and can also be retrofitted into your S3, S6 or S8 total stations.

See the original story about Central Alliance on the KOREC website, or learn more about L2P on the Trimble website.

Improve your Mobile Field Service Performance

Mobile devices are allowing employees in the field to gather data, discuss problems, and access diagnostic tools and manuals, more easily than ever before.

But are we making the most of mobile technology?

Whether you are looking to ‘go mobile’ for the first time or improve your current mobility strategy, watch this recorded webinar to learn how you can transform your service delivery performance through increased connectivity.

Trimble Pulse staff will be joined by guest speakers, Safelite AutoGlass and MaseTec, and will cover:

  • The top factors driving field service organisations to make investments in mobility solutions
  • The challenges service executives are facing around mobile rollouts
  • The tools, technologies and best practice approaches to setting up an effective mobile strategy

Watch the recorded webinar now.