FARO moving closer to its customers

faro-launch-1aSome UPG customers and staff were fortunate enough to be invited to the FARO launch in Australia this week. FARO have opened their first Australian office in South Brisbane and held a special event to introduce themselves to the Australian market.

Up until now FARO have been servicing the Australian market through their Singapore office. The new office in Brisbane will allow them to get closer to their customers and distribution partners. The new office will be the venue for local workshops and training. Currently it staffs 10 people but that number is planned to grow in the future.

At the launch FARO unveiled their verticals. As there is no limitation on how the solutions can be used, they have narrowed the focus to four verticals.

Construction BIM/CIM
Covering the construction industry, the solutions allow accurate laser scanning of environments, contributing to the BIM or CIM process.

faro-launch-2aFactory Metrology
The factory metrology vertical focuses on the use of laser scanning in a factory setting, with specialist solutions.

Public Safety
Used in police work, and other community services, laser scanning allows those investigating to take a copy of reality from the scene.

Product Design
Predominately used for reverse engineering, the product design vertical also includes quality assurance. The video below was not the only interesting video shown on the day, but it certainly was the most popular.

UPG continue to be a distribution partner for the FARO laser scanning equipment. If you have any questions contact your local UPG office.

Important Firmware Update for Laser Scanners

Trimble TX5 and FARO Focus 3D X130 Critical Firmware Update

x130andTX5A firmware update, revision, for the Trimble TX5 and FARO X130 laser scanners has been released by FARO Technologies, manufacturer of both machines. This update improves the reliability, accuracy, stability and data quality of scanners. The firmware update also addresses the following issues that might occur in rare instances.

  • Both models: The laser scanner may demonstrate variations in pan-axis movement speed, which could result in the scan being stopped before the whole horizontal scan range is traversed. This situation may lead to visible gaps in the resulting scan data.
  • Both models: The laser scanner may show incorrect “Scanner temperature is in the lower critical range” warnings.
  • Focus3D X 130: The laser scanner may contain points outside the specified scan range (130m) and be recorded as erroneous points within the specified range.
  • Trimble TX5: The laser modulation pattern may get corrupted. This may result in severe scan quality reductions such as increased range noise or fewer scan points. In extreme cases, scans without any distance data may be produced.

To check your Firmware Revision:

  1. Go to Manage > General Settings > Scanner Details
  2. If your Firmware Revision is Rev5.5.4.50009, you have the latest firmware and no further action is necessary.

Download the Firmware Update

To maximize the performance of your scanner and to avoid possible problems, Trimble and FARO recommend that all TX5 and Focus3D X 130 customers upgrade to this firmware revision.

To download the firmware update access the FARP website and enter your serial number.

If you have any questions about the firmware update, please contact FARO Asia Pacific on supportap@faro.com or +65 6511 1350.

UPG is the new distributor for FARO 3D Laser Scanners

Adding to its portfolio of scanning solutions, UPG is now your local reseller of FARO 3D Laser Scanners.  FARO offers a solution for every 3D measurement need.

Scanning offers a simple way to extract measurements and generate 3D point clouds to gain a better understanding of structures, objects or settings.

With a skilled technical team, UPG can offer assistance with your scanning data and deliverables.  Services include training, data preparation, modelling, and integration with other software packages.

Find out more on the FARO website or contact us.