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Surveyor gives first impressions of new Trimble TSC7 Controller and Trimble Access 2018 Software.

For surveyor Scott Lyttle, a consistently well-performing controller is the right-hand tool that helps him manage the diverse tasks and environments of land surveying.

With an eye toward new ways to improve workflows as he leads survey crews for Flatirons Inc., Lyttle agreed to test Trimble’s new TSC7 Controller and Trimble Access 2018 software.

Flatirons, a provider of surveying services based in Boulder, CO., uses a wide range of Trimble products and software for its work spanning the Front Range of Colorado and neighboring states. As senior survey crew chief for Flatirons, Lyttle keeps in his truck a Trimble S5 Total Station, R10 and R8 GNSS receivers, and a TDL 450.

“For a data collector, I always have the TSC3, the previous model, with me,” said Lyttle, who has worked in surveying for eight years, starting with his schooling in New Zealand. “Essentially all data acquisition is done through that.”

Lyttle has served as a beta tester using the TSC7 and Trimble Access 2018 since late 2017, putting the solution through the paces in his daily work in a variety of jobs and settings, and giving feedback and suggestions to Trimble’s development teams as they prepared to go to market.

Article courtesy of Trimble Geospatial – Learn More.

Update to Trimble Access Aerial Imaging

taai-250wTrimble have announced an update to the Trimble Access Aerial Imaging with a new version, 2.2.4.

This update resolves the issue that may cause landing issues with the UX5 HP in areas above 200m above mean sea level (AMSL).

This update is now available through Trimble Installation Manager.

This highlights the importance of maintaining a current version of your firmware and software. It’s easy to stay up to date when you have are Trimble Protected.

Trimble Access v2016.00 enhances General Survey

TrimbleAccess_icon_FITrimble have released a new version of Trimble Access that includes a wide range of enhancements to General Survey as well as performance improvements in Pipelines and an exciting new feature in Trimble installation Manager.


Some of the new enhancements include:

  • Named targets
  • Dynamic offsetting during stakeout
  • Perpendicular offsets from DTM
  • Prefix + suffix for staked point names
  • Duplicate point support on import
  • LandXML alignments displayed in the map
  • Gesture support for zooming and panning in the map on a tablet
  • Measure codes now supports the AccessVision split screen
  • Proximity check tolerance for points with similar coordinates
  • Vertical offsets for GNSS measurements
  • Filtering of points in the map or video view based on Name, Code or Description
  • Plus much more


Significant performance improvements have been made when working with very large joint map files, both during the process of creating large joint map files, and when using the joint map file at as-built survey time.

Trimble Installation Manager

Custom data folders can now be set up so that the files contained in these folders are installed to the controller when the Trimble Access software is installed or upgraded. This can be very beneficial when wanting to set up more than one controller with additional files such as survey styles, job templates, feature code libraries, control and DXF files.

For a full list of improvements, visit apps.trimbleaccess.com and view the release notes.

Please note that v2016.00 cannot be installed on Trimble TSC2 controllers.

If you are having trouble or would like to know more, contact your local office.

Updates to Trimble Access Software, v2015.20

AccessVision_140x82Trimble has announced the release of version 2015.20 of the Trimble® Access™ field software. Version 2015.20 includes support for new hardware such as the Trimble R2 GNSS receiver, and TDL2.4 Bluetooth to cirronet radio.

All Trimble Tablet and Trimble Access Windows customers can now utilise the new AccessVision feature, which provides immediate visual feedback within task screens by incorporating a useful graphical display alongside the usual fields in the screen. The graphical display shows the 3D map and, when using a Trimble VISION™ instrument, you can toggle between the map and video view. Version 2015.20 also includes improvements to the Mines, Pipelines and Roads applications, as well as a number of general enhancements frequently requested by customers.

Some of these enhancements include:

  • Create nodes from lines, arcs and polylines in map layers
  • Job-specific data files now stored together in job folders
  • Staking out lines and arcs now provides direct access to more details from Stakeout
  • Numerous improvements to COGO, plus many more.

For more information please visit the Trimble website or contact your local UPG office.