Deliver more productivity and flexibility

Geospatial professionals can use scanning and imagery to deliver significant gains in productivity and flexibility for their clients.

3D laser scanners are capturing more points with greater precision. Software is managing this data with less human input using automated registration and classification, and automated modelling.

See how these evolutions can reduce the time you need to spend on scanning in this POB blog post.

Bringing ancient fossils to life

Whale fossils

The power of imaging technology is revolutionising the way we can manage operations in areas like construction, mining or utilities management. There are many other industries that benefit from this powerful tool too. URC Ventures, the same company that brings us Stockpile Reports, a stockpile measurement tool which uses imaging technology, worked with the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History to reconstruct whale fossils from a billion pixel point cloud. Find out more below about this incredible discovery in the Chilean desert and the race against time to gather as much information about the fossils as possible.

URC Ventures: Solving the Whale Graveyard Mystery

Washington Post

National Geographic

Smithsonian X 3D – Fossil whales – a race against time

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