Surveying – staying relevant in a changing industry

Surveying using Trimble technology One of the key messages we’ve been delivering at our Geospatial 2014 roadshow is that we want to help surveyors and geospatial professionals to stay relevant in an industry that’s changing with lightening speed. The advances of cloud computing, enhanced capability of mobile devices, a shift from 2D mapping onto 3D and 4D visualisations, and indoor positioning are changing the surveying and geospatial landscape significantly. In order to stay relevant with a customer base that’s demanding the ability to make better-informed decisions through more real-time, real-world data, we all need to keep up with these rapid changes.

Garry Essex talks to with Position Magazine about the changing surveying industry

Recently Simon Chester from Position Magazine caught up with Garry Essex – UPG’s General Manager – to talk about his time in the surveying industry, how things have changed and what he believes is to come in the future. With over thirty years experience to draw on, Garry shares his thoughts on the impact that technology and the ability to capture more data more quickly will have on surveyors as well as the opportunities this presents. Read the article here: An industry in flux

An aerial survey of a quarry captured using a Sensefly eBee UAV
Aerial imagery of a quarry captured using a Sensefly eBee

Here’s a little more about Garry Essex

Garry Essex - GM UPG
Garry Essex – GM UPG

As Group General Manager, Garry is responsible for leadership, strategic direction and management of UPG, SITECH, DataHawk and BuildingPoint. With UPG for over 20 years, Garry is well attuned to the businesses and their indvidual opportunities and challenges. Garry has a Bachelor App Sci (Surv) from RMIT University followed by 15 years of field surveying experience.

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