Surveying – staying relevant in a changing industry

Surveying using Trimble technology One of the key messages we’ve been delivering at our Geospatial 2014 roadshow is that we want to help surveyors and geospatial professionals to stay relevant in an industry that’s changing with lightening speed. The advances of cloud computing, enhanced capability of mobile devices, a shift from 2D mapping onto 3D and 4D visualisations, and indoor positioning are changing the surveying and geospatial landscape significantly. In order to stay relevant with a customer base that’s demanding the ability to make better-informed decisions through more real-time, real-world data, we all need to keep up with these rapid changes.

Garry Essex talks to with Position Magazine about the changing surveying industry

Recently Simon Chester from Position Magazine caught up with Garry Essex – UPG’s General Manager – to talk about his time in the surveying industry, how things have changed and what he believes is to come in the future. With over thirty years experience to draw on, Garry shares his thoughts on the impact that technology and the ability to capture more data more quickly will have on surveyors as well as the opportunities this presents. Read the article here: An industry in flux

An aerial survey of a quarry captured using a Sensefly eBee UAV
Aerial imagery of a quarry captured using a Sensefly eBee

Here’s a little more about Garry Essex

Garry Essex - GM UPG
Garry Essex – GM UPG

As Group General Manager, Garry is responsible for leadership, strategic direction and management of UPG, SITECH, DataHawk and BuildingPoint. With UPG for over 20 years, Garry is well attuned to the businesses and their indvidual opportunities and challenges. Garry has a Bachelor App Sci (Surv) from RMIT University followed by 15 years of field surveying experience.

UAV Field Day – come and visit UPG!

The Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute's (SSSI) UAV Field Day

Interested to know more about how an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) can help you to grow your business? Or are you just a bit of a tech geek who loves everything UAV? If you answered yes to either of those, you’ll want to head along to the SSSI UAV Field day in Melbourne next Tuesday!

UPG will be there, along with other UAV vendors, to talk to you about our Trimble and Sensefly systems. First and foremost we’re interested in the work that you do and whether or not a UAS could help you to do this more effectively and cost efficiently. On the day, we’ll be demonstrating how UAVs operate, the data they collect and produce and how the software works. We’d also love to talk to you about the ongoing UAV support, service and training that we can offer. This will mean you’ll really get the most out of your system.

UAV Field Day event details

What: SSSI UAV Field Day

When: Tuesday 20th May, 2014 – 9.15am – 5.30pm

Where: The Pavilion – corner of Whitehorse and Middeborough Road, Box Hill, Melbourne

CPD points: five

Find out more about the event and register here

The Trimble UX5 which will be on show at the SSSI UAV Field Day

Read more about how our customers are using UAVs ahead of the UAV Field Day

Monitoring technology – a big leap forward

Structural video monitoring technology from iMetrum

Monitoring technology – do you use it to dynamically monitor structures for things like deflection, strain, rotation and displacement? If you answered yes, you’ll want to know about iMetrum.

Traditionally structural monitoring has been carried out using a total station and prisms or GPS which are great methods for measuring one point at a time. But, if you require accurate, simultaneous, high frequency measurements in real-time when there are dynamic forces in play, for example a train or traffic passing over a bridge, iMetrum video monitoring technology is the answer.

UPG’s sister company DataHawk, was recently interviewed by ‘Traverse’ magazine about this new technology which is shaking things up in the industry. Fick to page 12 of Traverse magazine to read the article and find out more about iMetrum on their website here.

If you’re interested to speak to us about this monitoring technology or arrange a demo, please contact your local sales manager.

Have you signed up for Geospatial 2014?


We’ve now kicked off our Geospatial 2014 events with Adelaide held last Friday, Shepparton this Wednesday and Melbourne yesterday. It’s been fantastic to get out and about with customers and hear from them about what their challenges are at the moment and how our geospatial solutions could help them overcome these challenges and help them expand their business.

Have you signed up for your local event? We’re in a number of locations through until the end of May so make sure to head over to the registration page and sign up!

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A whole new world of surveying with the Trimble V10

V10 image
In October 2013 at Intergeo in Germany, Trimble announced their brand new V10 imaging Rover. Simon Sprague, our Brisbane based Technical Consultant for imaging and scanning tells us a bit about this new solution and what it will mean for the industry.

“The V10 is the first system of its kind, wholly dedicated to terrestrial photogrammetry and able to measure a 360° panorama at the touch of a button. It also works seamlessly with Trimble prisms and the R10 GNSS receivers – if you’ve got an R10 you can fit the V10 system onto the same pole.

“At the end of the day, we need to produce information that is useful to and understood by our customers. The great thing is everyone understands photos, so the data and information that can be provided using the V10 will be much more easily understood by the end client. Just think, rather than a 2D drawing, you will be able to provide your client with a 3D model which will incorporate a great deal of imagery and other measurement information of their site.

“The V10 can be used for a lot of traditional surveying tasks, but will be of particular use on dynamic sites, that require thorough visual and positional documentation at particular points in time.

“A good example of this is forensic examination, where a site is only available to survey for a short period, and all the evidence will be lost after the site has been re-opened. With the V10, you’d be able to quickly take photos of the entire site and then take this data back to the office to make the necessary measurements afterwards. This will save a lot of time, reduce the likelihood of critical measurements being lost once the site has reopened, and also mean you’ll be capturing information about the whole site in one go.

“With the latest version of Trimble Business Centre 3.11 we can now extract positional information from the V10 data much more quickly. This is because we are now able to measure photogrammetry points via a single click (known within Trimble-land as Virtual DR™) whereas previously we had to measure from multiple photo views – this is a big step forward.”

If you’re interested in finding out more about the Trimble V10 system which will be available in Australia soon:

Read here

Watch here

Or contact your local UPG office