Surveying a mountain highway project

uav-highwayIn the steep canyons of the Republic of Macedonia an international construction company is completing a major highway project. The highway will run 28.2km, traversing a natural gorge and crossing a river. It will provide a connection to the region’s transport network.

The area’s challenging geomorphology – including steep slopes, ravines, rivers, forests and protected areas – mean the survey project was designed and is being undertaken with great regard for the environmental conditions.

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Combining datasets in surveying a former quarry



Thanks to recent technological developments within the industry, geospatial professionals can be more flexible in their approach to capturing, analysing and delivering survey data than ever before.

Six West were tasked with surveying a former quarry for redevelop of the site for mixed commercial and residential use, with the quarry being a feature lake. They soon realised that a conventional topographic survey would be time consuming, costly due to the size of the site and dangerous to undertake.

Read about how they used both a 3D laser scan and their eBee UAS to complete the job.

Trimble Technology and More – latest edition

Technology and More

Be inspired by businesses around the world using Trimble technology to do incredible things in the latest edition of Trimble Technology and More.

Chris Gibson, Vice President of Trimble’s Geospatial Division, opens with some of what you can expect in this edition:

“In this issue of Technology&more, we present stories that illustrate the broad impact that geospatial technologies have on the professional and social world. The stories show how ingenuity and flexibility combine with multiple technologies to produce new, sometimes unexpected, approaches to meeting the needs of our clients and projects. We’ll travel the highest mountain in the Southern Alps to see how a team of university researchers respected indigenous traditions while gathering essential geospatial information. In a visit to Spain, we meet an archaeologist who takes advantage of measurement, communications and information management technologies to provide powerful new tools for researchers in archaeology and paleontology.”


“We’ll also learn about an innovative use for geospatial informaiton in renewable energy, where a solar energy provider uses image analysis from Trimble eCognition software. The result is a simple online tool that provides homeowners with detailed information and cost savings estimates for installing solar panels on their homes. It’s an application that illustrates how the power and flexibility of imaging can penetrate deep into our societies and economies.”

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UAVs in agriculture and the eBee Ag

The eBee Ag from Sensefly

We’ve spent the last couple of days at Mobile Tech 2014 speaking with leaders in primary industries about the benefits of UAVs and how they can use this technology to grow their business and the entire industry.

Everyone’s been excited to see how easy it is to collect and manage information with a UAV, and what this information means for business productivity and profitability.

Pix 4D software from Sensefly

Here are some things you can do in agriculture with a UAV at a much lower cost than traditional methods:

  1. Yield monitoring
  2. Drought assessment
  3. Growth monitoring
  4. Tree classification
  5. Plant counting
  6. Biomass indication
  7. Effects of variation of climate on crops

Check out the article published in Position Magazine earlier this year about how one of our customers, Scout Aerial, is using an eBee in the agricultural space with impressive results.

The Sensefly eBee Ag

SenseFly eBee ag

At Mobile Tech 2014, we’ve been talking to delegates about a UAV solution specifically for agriculture;  the eBee Ag from Sensefly, here’s what it’s all about:

Developed specifically for precision agriculture, the eBee Ag collects aerial photography of up to 1,000 ha in a single flight at down to 3cm precision. The complete solution, the eBee Ag includes two advanced software packages, one for flight planning and control and the other for post-flight photogrammetry.


Watch the video below:

More information about the eBee Ag

To find out more about the eBee Ag and how UPG can work with you to get the best results give your local UPG office a call today.

Surveying – staying relevant in a changing industry

Surveying using Trimble technology One of the key messages we’ve been delivering at our Geospatial 2014 roadshow is that we want to help surveyors and geospatial professionals to stay relevant in an industry that’s changing with lightening speed. The advances of cloud computing, enhanced capability of mobile devices, a shift from 2D mapping onto 3D and 4D visualisations, and indoor positioning are changing the surveying and geospatial landscape significantly. In order to stay relevant with a customer base that’s demanding the ability to make better-informed decisions through more real-time, real-world data, we all need to keep up with these rapid changes.

Garry Essex talks to with Position Magazine about the changing surveying industry

Recently Simon Chester from Position Magazine caught up with Garry Essex – UPG’s General Manager – to talk about his time in the surveying industry, how things have changed and what he believes is to come in the future. With over thirty years experience to draw on, Garry shares his thoughts on the impact that technology and the ability to capture more data more quickly will have on surveyors as well as the opportunities this presents. Read the article here: An industry in flux

An aerial survey of a quarry captured using a Sensefly eBee UAV
Aerial imagery of a quarry captured using a Sensefly eBee

Here’s a little more about Garry Essex

Garry Essex - GM UPG
Garry Essex – GM UPG

As Group General Manager, Garry is responsible for leadership, strategic direction and management of UPG, SITECH, DataHawk and BuildingPoint. With UPG for over 20 years, Garry is well attuned to the businesses and their indvidual opportunities and challenges. Garry has a Bachelor App Sci (Surv) from RMIT University followed by 15 years of field surveying experience.