Geospatial technologies highlighted in Technology&more

tandm-febThe latest edition of Technology&more magazine has been released.

This issue answers the question, “just how high is Denali anyway?” in an article about an expedition in Alaska that used GNSS to find exactly that. (Page 3)

It also looks at a rugged highway construction project in Macedonia that employed a UAS to monitor the amount of material removed, as well as landslides and other variables. (Page 16)

Plus much more.

You’ll also learn some of the many ways in which geospatial technologies provide benefits to both businesses and people in the transportation sectors, and how geospatial professionals are using blended technologies to add new value to their services and deliverables.

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Surveying the Scottish Highlands

The Scottish Highlands provides a challenging environment to work. Frequent rain and wind and changeable weather conditions can make for some wet days but Scottish surveyor, Stuart Ross, still feels lucky. He gets to take his camera into “beautiful, unbelievable wilderness” while he is surveying for small-scale hydro schemes.

See more about surveying in the Scottish Highlands starting on page 18 of the latest xyHt magazine.

Asset Management for the City of Whitehorse

City of Whitehorse

This month, the city of Whitehorse and their asset management system has made front page news in Position Magazine. Whitehorse are using Trimble GIS technology to digitally manage the maintenance of their estimated 1180 km of footpaths mostly developed in the 1950s and 60s. With roughly 22 percent of Whitehorse’s 160,000 residents aged 65 and over, maintaining the footpaths is a public health issue and a key priority for the Whitehorse Council.

Click the image below to read the full article and find out how Whitehorse has eliminated paper and created a digital field to office workflow to successfully manage their maintenance program.

City of Whitehorse





Surveying – staying relevant in a changing industry

Surveying using Trimble technology One of the key messages we’ve been delivering at our Geospatial 2014 roadshow is that we want to help surveyors and geospatial professionals to stay relevant in an industry that’s changing with lightening speed. The advances of cloud computing, enhanced capability of mobile devices, a shift from 2D mapping onto 3D and 4D visualisations, and indoor positioning are changing the surveying and geospatial landscape significantly. In order to stay relevant with a customer base that’s demanding the ability to make better-informed decisions through more real-time, real-world data, we all need to keep up with these rapid changes.

Garry Essex talks to with Position Magazine about the changing surveying industry

Recently Simon Chester from Position Magazine caught up with Garry Essex – UPG’s General Manager – to talk about his time in the surveying industry, how things have changed and what he believes is to come in the future. With over thirty years experience to draw on, Garry shares his thoughts on the impact that technology and the ability to capture more data more quickly will have on surveyors as well as the opportunities this presents. Read the article here: An industry in flux

An aerial survey of a quarry captured using a Sensefly eBee UAV
Aerial imagery of a quarry captured using a Sensefly eBee

Here’s a little more about Garry Essex

Garry Essex - GM UPG
Garry Essex – GM UPG

As Group General Manager, Garry is responsible for leadership, strategic direction and management of UPG, SITECH, DataHawk and BuildingPoint. With UPG for over 20 years, Garry is well attuned to the businesses and their indvidual opportunities and challenges. Garry has a Bachelor App Sci (Surv) from RMIT University followed by 15 years of field surveying experience.

One step closer to a more productive field workforce

Service delivery

If you run field-based operations, here’s a question for you – do you have the real-time information you need to truly manage the productivity and performance of your mobile workforce? According to the latest Field Services Management Global Insight Report from Trimble, only one in five would answer yes to that question.

For anyone running a field workforce, the pressure to increase operational efficiency while still maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction is constant. Trimble’s Insight Report draws on expert and customer advice, as well as their own research, to bring you information about the challenges facing those managing a mobile workforce and how technology is an integral part of overcoming these.

Check out the full report here and don’t miss UPG’s own Anthony Kwok on page 34 talking about the safety of your field workers and the implications for business.

You can read more about our Field Services Management solutions here and please contact:

Anthony Kwok
National Field Services Manager
p: 02 9473 5300.

Read about how Trimble has been voted number one in Fleet Telematics technology in the world by ABI Research by clicking here.

Flick to page 16 of Hastings Deering’s Dealer News to read about SITECH, sister company to UPG rolled out Fleet Management technology to establish a network of over 500 Service Mobile Offices which will improve communications between Hasting Deering’s customers and field service staff.