Capturing Machu Picchu for preservation

Located 2 430 meters above sea level, Machu Picchu is under constant threat from the weather. Preservation of this 500 year old citadel is of increasing concern. Accurate data captured from above will assist those preserving the site in monitoring it.

That’s why, in 2014, a team from Trimble took their Trimble UX5 on a 3.5 hour train ride up the mountain to capture the site from the air.

Read about their adventure and see some amazing scans and photos from the day on the Trimble UAS website.

CASA UAV updates now in effect

The changes that CASA, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority of Australia, announced in April legislation governing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles in Australia has come into effect.

The previous legislation, CASR Part 101 was published in 2002. The UAV technology has come a long way since then, making the legislation well out of date.

CASA now identifies UAVs below the weight of 2kg to be of lower impact and has relaxed the requirements to operate this class of UAVs. Operators of UAVs below the weight of 2kg will not be required to be in possession of a Controllers Certificate (license for the Pilot) and an Operators Certificate (for the business) to operate for hire or reward if certain conditions are met. The senseFly eBee and albris (previously eXom) are both part of this weight category.

Another significant change is to operators of UAVs below the weight of 25kg. Businesses will be able to operate their own UAVs below the weight of 25kg over land owned or occupied by them without the requirement to be in possession of a Controllers and Operators Certificate if certain conditions are met.

Please be aware that this is preliminary information and is subject to change. For further information, review this overview, the Legislation website, or contact your local office to see how you can benefit from the new regulations.

The right UAV for your needs

We have a range of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) designed for different tasks,  as well as the software you need to process the data.

To guide you to the best UAV for your needs, we have developed a few simple questions.


Or review the terms explained, below, to help broaden your understanding.

Terms Explained

UAV unmanned aerial vehicles

UAS unmanned aerial systems, includes software

Drone any UAV

Multi-rotor drone UAV with multiple propellers, typically used for close or inspection work

Fixed wing drone plane like UAV, typically used to cover large areas

CASA Civil Aviation Safety Authority, has the primary responsibility for the maintenance, enhancement and promotion of the safety of civil aviation in Australia

Pixel size the size of the dots that make up the image, smaller pixels typically result in higher resolution

GCP ground control points