Taking the future in hand

Trimble this year introduced the GIS market to the TDC150, a product designed for customers who require a simple all-in-one data collection solution for high accuracy GIS field work.

Let’s take a look at some of its key features as highlighted by the Trimble team.

Scalable, High-accuracy Positioning

With the TDC150 in hand, a user can achieve scalable accuracy from a metre down to centimetre level, which is the finest measurement available in the industry. This accuracy is due to a built-in high performance GNSS receiver and antenna tracking multiple satellite constellations and enabling scalable high-accuracy data logging.

Four accuracy configurations are available from Trimble distributors: centimetre, decimetre, sub-metre and metre. Users can upgrade accuracy as needed (and as their budget allows) and that upgrade can be permanent or a temporary monthly option.

“Usually, when you want to collect high accuracy data, you can’t just go with a device in your hand. Usually you have a 2-meter pole plus a controller,” Eric Moisset, Trimble product marketing manager, said.

“With the TDC150, we wanted to be able to collect high accuracy data while holding the device in the hand.”

Precise positioning is also achievable in conjunction with the handheld convenience—thanks to a software workflow supported by both Trimble TerraFlex™ and Trimble Penmap® for Android applications—and a “virtual pole” system, which is accessed from a camera in the back of the receiver.

“We’ve brought something really exceptional to the market,” Moisset said.

“The Trimble TDC150’s virtual pole system configuration is new and customers like it because it’s easy to understand and use in various field scenarios.”

By utilising this back “downward” camera view, users employ a virtual pole to accurately locate the antenna over the desired location on the ground. Through the virtual pole system, the downward camera is displayed with two red “target” circles. The user tilts the device to align the two circles. When both circles turn green and a log button appears, the camera is showing accurate positioning of the antenna.

Modern-day Interface with Android 6.0 Operating System and Rugged Design

With a contemporary and simple interface and Android platform, the TDC150 is able to be customised with the ability to install and run any application from the Google Play Store, third-party applications or any Android-compatible developed software. Additional operating features that allow for easy and reliable field data collection and storage, as well as field-to-office information exchange, include:

  • 1.2 GHz Qualcomm processor paired with 2 GB of memory and 16 GB of internal storage;
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and 4G LTE;
  • GIS mobile apps such as Trimble, TerraFlex, Trimble Penmap for Android and Esri Collector for ArcGIS®; and,
  • a long-life, user-replaceable battery.

The TDC150, with its ultra-rugged and ergonomic, yet easily portable and lightweight design, was developed to withstand drops and shocks that are typical in the field. The device, which is IP67-rated and was tested to MIL-STD-810F ruggedness standards, has a 5.3” touch screen with bright display and a “smartphone feel” for users.

“We believe with this solution we will cover a very wide range of market segments,” Moisset said, “including mining; oil, gas and chemical; forestry; electric and gas utilities; water and wastewater utilities; field service management; geospatial; land administration; local government; military/defence and forensics, among others.”

With a user-friendly interface and a wide range of accuracy options for a variety of field uses, Trimble’s TDC150 is set to be a go-to device for GIS. To learn more about Trimble products, visit here.


GIS data is more than positions and attributes

TerraFlex_iPhone4_Tree_lowresFor decades, typical consumers of spatial data were cities, municipalities and other organisations that used GIS to manage and visualise information about assets and environments. However, as GIS data flows from the field to end users, opportunities exist to develop information that goes well beyond the traditional positions and attributes.

Ron Bisio, vice president of Trimble Geospatial, discusses the potential of this information in this article published on GISCafe.

Does GIS + BIM = more business for you?

GIS+BIMThe inclusion of GIS technology could transform standard BIM into a super asset management system according to a research paper from March 2009.

BIM (Building Information Modelling) is the process of generating and managing building data during its life cycle from planning stages right through to construction and facility management phases. The potential result is a 3D model that is rich with knowledge, a database attached to each and every element of a structure, including GIS information.

To really see the benefits of including GIS data in the BIM models we need to find a way to merge the seemingly parallel worlds of geospatial and construction.

This article from the geodatapoint blog looks at how we can begin to approach this.

If you would like to learn more about BIM, or how it could help grow your business get in touch.

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Whether you’re new to Trimble Business Center (TBC), or are looking for an upgrade, there is a bundle to suit you.

TBC Drafting Pack
TBC-AdvancedDrafting-FIIf you would like to draft and prepare data for design and stakeout in a single software package and are already using TBC then this bundle is for you. By adding the Drafting Pack in a single package users can now prepare their final survey plans, create cross-sections plots, import .pdf drawings, convert 2D data into 3D and do all necessary project cleanup for design and stakeout.Drafting pack includes both the Advanced Drafting and Data Prep modules of TBC.
TBC Survey Superpack
Get a full range of TBC features and benefits without paying extra for components that are not part of your workflow.TBC Survey Superpack includes:

  • TBC Advanced Edition
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  • Data Prep Module
  • GIS Moduletbc_advanced_FI
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Geospatial in 2016

There has been a shift in the geospatial industry that stems from the ever-widening cross sections of people who are becoming aware of the value of geospatial data. These changing needs are driving the emergence of new technologies and solutions.

So what can we expect for the geospatial business in 2016? Ron Bisio, general manager of the Surveying and Geospatial Division at Trimble, takes a look in this geodatapoint article.