Capturing Machu Picchu for preservation

Located 2 430 meters above sea level, Machu Picchu is under constant threat from the weather. Preservation of this 500 year old citadel is of increasing concern. Accurate data captured from above will assist those preserving the site in monitoring it.

That’s why, in 2014, a team from Trimble took their Trimble UX5 on a 3.5 hour train ride up the mountain to capture the site from the air.

Read about their adventure and see some amazing scans and photos from the day on the Trimble UAS website.

Trimble UX5

For mapping and surveying professionals around the world, the Trimble UX5 has raised the bar for UAS performance, delivering unparallel results and efficiency. Ideal for general survey and agricultural applications, the UX5 comes complete with its own 24 MP camera to deliver enhanced image accuracy. Also cost-effective, the UX5 provides tremendous benefits at a very competitive price – offering far greater value for less.


datasheet-iconGet the specs and more from the datasheet.


For more information on the Trimble UX5 please contact us using this form.

Trimble Access Aerial Imaging Version 2.0.1 Now Available

flightarea-250x150A new version of Trimble Access Aerial Imaging for use with the Trimble UX5 Aerial Imaging Solution is now available. This release includes numerous improvements in both safety and ease of use, including:

  • Error messages are now accompanied by one audible beep.
  • The battery low warning and error message is visually and audibly clearer. The low battery warning level has changed from 35% to 25%.
  • The flight lines now turn orange when crossing a circular avoidance zone.
  • Changing the landing in flight now immediately brings you to the landing properties page.
  • The Finish flight action no longer automatically goes to the Post–‐flight checklist. This allows you to still see the location of the rover on the map and other data, such as the actual flight time.

Availability and Installation
Aerial Imaging 2.0.1 is currently available and is a free mandatory upgrade to all current users. The new version contains both software and firmware upgrades and can be downloaded from the Trimble Access Installation Manager. The installation for the firmware will start automatically as part of the flight checklist or can be started manually from the Settings menu in Aerial Imaging.

Contact your local UPG office for more information.

UAV Field Day – come and visit UPG!

The Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute's (SSSI) UAV Field Day

Interested to know more about how an Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) can help you to grow your business? Or are you just a bit of a tech geek who loves everything UAV? If you answered yes to either of those, you’ll want to head along to the SSSI UAV Field day in Melbourne next Tuesday!

UPG will be there, along with other UAV vendors, to talk to you about our Trimble and Sensefly systems. First and foremost we’re interested in the work that you do and whether or not a UAS could help you to do this more effectively and cost efficiently. On the day, we’ll be demonstrating how UAVs operate, the data they collect and produce and how the software works. We’d also love to talk to you about the ongoing UAV support, service and training that we can offer. This will mean you’ll really get the most out of your system.

UAV Field Day event details

What: SSSI UAV Field Day

When: Tuesday 20th May, 2014 – 9.15am – 5.30pm

Where: The Pavilion – corner of Whitehorse and Middeborough Road, Box Hill, Melbourne

CPD points: five

Find out more about the event and register here

The Trimble UX5 which will be on show at the SSSI UAV Field Day

Read more about how our customers are using UAVs ahead of the UAV Field Day

Australia’s first certified UX5 trainers


We’re excited to say, our team is now officially certified to provide training, demonstrations  and produce deliverables with the Trimble UX5 UAV solution. Technical Consultants, Stephen Anthony (NSW) and Simon Sprague (QLD) have successfully completed their Trimble UX5, Aerial Imaging Rover type training which means they’re both able to plan, fly, process and produce deliverables using the UX5.

David Hobby and Bill Farry have also both successfully completed their assessment and are now certified by Trimble to provide UX5 type training. This means we can now offer customers training on the UX5 at our training areas in each state, or on site where the facilities and location are appropriate for training purposes.

We’re currently the only certified trainers for the UX5 in Australia and all of our UAV Technical Consultants are able to provide type training in the Sensefly eBee system.

If you’re interested in a demo or training on either system, give us a call.